your hub for information to help you live the life you’ve always wanted. to create change in your own life. to get unstuck. to be yourself, authentically, wholly, fearlessly… because that’s what life’s about, right?



food & recipes

I’m a believer in easy-to-make, absolutely delicious, makes-you-feel-nourished, no fuss recipes. All recipes are gluten free and dairy free; you in?


Life is bigger than just work. It’s bigger than being the perfect person. It’s bigger than trying to live up to expectations from yourself and from others. Find out how to turn an internal locus of control (why do these things happen to me?) to an external locus of control (I am in charge of my fate)… coming soon.

work with me

Whether you’re looking to get 1:1 instruction in boxing, yoga, or strength training, looking to uplevel yourself as a fitness instructor, or need marketing strategy and help, I got you.



Nancy and I have been working together on BURNIN’ by Ray’s social media strategy for just over a month now and it has been nothing but a pleasure! It’s been so great to collaborate with another consultant (freelancing doesn’t always involve the most collaboration!), and our ads are getting some great interaction! They feel much more cohesive with Nancy involved. I’m a graphic designer, who doesn’t specialize in content creation or social strategy, so her skills are so necessary to the success of the campaigns! She’s highly communicative (super important for someone who works remotely), has awesome ideas, is up to date on trends, and is easy to work with. I’m looking forward to continuing our work together!