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I’m really proud to be working exclusively with brands I know, use regularly, spend my own $ on, and love — and I wanted to help you try them out for less as well. I do get a small % of the sales if you choose to purchase through these links but that does not affect the total price you pay; thanks for choosing to support this blog and I hope you enjoy these products :)


SmoothieBox: Get $20 off your first box

What it is: A smoothie subscription service — you get frozen, ready-to-blend smoothies delivered right to your door. It comes in 4 awesome flavors and are lower in sugar, preventing any sugar headaches or crashes.

Why I love it: I helped this baby grow! But more than that, it makes making smoothies SO quick and easy.

What you get: $20 off your first box. It’s FREE to cancel or pause your subscription any time, so if you don’t love it, you can do it after your first box.

ButcherBox: Rotating offer

*offer subject to change

*offer subject to change

What it is: A meat/seafood subscription service. You get your choice of 100% grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork, organic chicken, wild Alaskan salmon, and more delivered right to your door. It comes frozen, so you can put it in the freezer right away and use as needed.

Why I love it: I also used to work for ButcherBox, where I saw first hand how much the team cares about quality, value to the customers, and giving back to the farmers. Also, it’s hands down the best chicken, bacon, and grass-fed beef I have ever had.

What you get: They run different offers each month, so click here to see what this month’s offer is! It’s FREE to cancel or pause your subscription any time, so if you don’t love it, you can do it after your first box. This offer may change; click the link to get the latest offer :)

Beam: 15% Off Your Order

What it is: A CBD company that has organic CBD oil that you can take in dropper form or in salve form (or brand new granola bar form!).

Why I love it: They’re Boston-based and full on about transparency. In an industry that isn’t heavily regulated by the FDA, it’s hard to find the “good ones” out there, and I believe Beam is one of those good ones. Plus their packaging is GORGEOUS. They’re also created by people who are quite active and so their products are especially great if you’re an active person.

What you get: 15% off your order with code Nancy15 :)

Farmer’s Juice: $10 off your first box

What it is: A juice subscription service that delivers your choice of juices to your door for less than you’d pay at typical juice shops. The juices are carefully crafted and perfect for a variety of diets, preferences, and lifestyles.

Why I love it: I had a call with the founder and he was so passionate about the product and interested to hear any feedback I had after trying. Also the golden beet and watermelon juices are SO DANG GOOD. It’s far cheaper than buying green juice (or any other juice) practically anywhere else.

What you get: $10 off your first box. It’s FREE to cancel or pause your subscription any time, so if you don’t love it, you can do it after your first box.

Wildway of Life: 10% off

What it is: Grain-free granola, hot cereal, and snack mixes that taste amazing and contain zero added sugar.

Why I love it: They taste SO GOOD. The hot cereal is my go-to in the winter months, when everything is dreary and my pantry/fridge is empty. The grain-free granola comes in a variety of different flavors; they also typically have a “We Rise” flavor, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to a charity.

What you get: 10% off your order with code nancy10.

Georgia Grinders: 20% off with code AP20

What it is: Hand-crafted nut butters that contain no added oils (which is rare). I’ve tried literally every single one of them, and they’re all so good.

Why I love it: It’s one of the best nut butters I’ve tried — and I’ve tried a lot. If you’re in any doubt about what you can make it with, check out Caitlin (@starinfinitefood) and Nicole (@kalejunkie)’s pages.

What you get: 20% off your order with code AP20.

LIVELY: $10 off your first order

What it is: Bras, underwear, loungewear, and swimwear for the modern woman.

Why I love it: It’s comfy, functional, and comes in a large range of sizes (as someone who is 32DDD, this is very helpful). It’s also reasonably priced AND cute — my favorites are the busty bralette, unlined lace bra, everyday T-shirt bra.

What you get: $10 off your first order with code AMB-nancylinchen. This works on top of the normal bundle discounts you get when you buy 2+ bras/undies/swimsuits.

Passion PLanner: 10% off

What it is: Yearly planners (dated, undated, academic) that help you keep track of your goals, your brain dumps, your to-do’s, and everything else that happens in your busy life.

Why I love it: It’s gorgeous, but most of all, it’s efficient. My planners have always been my Bible for as long as I can remember (no joke, ever since we got our first free on in elementary school), but the Passion Planner is the first one I have loved. I started using it years ago (2014?) when they first launched on Kickstarter and have been using them ever since. They’re based in San Diego and are woman-owned and founded.

What you get: 10% off your first order of $14.99 or more by following this link.

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I work with Vital Proteins (collagen) and Healthy Human (water bottles, travel mugs, straws) as well — I spend my own money purchasing these products. Although I don’t have a discount code for you, I am an affiliate for both of them, so if you are looking to place an order, I’d 1000% appreciate it if you used these links to order :)