spring empties post (+ I'm moving!)

Spring cleaning. Anyone else love it?

For me, I regularly do a seasonal clean — it’s so therapeutic. This time, I had an extra incentive: I’m moving to California (!!!) right before Memorial Day and wanted to use up as much of my beauty products as possible.

By being intentional with it (and not buying new products), I was able to power through these in the first half of 2019.

Spring Empties

Disclaimer: I bought most of the products myself; the ones I didn’t pay for are clearly noted below!

To watch the in video form, check out my IG highlights here.


Kelp & Kale Whipped Soap + Scrub
Pacha Soap Company

I bought this on a whim at Whole Foods because it was on sale and I was looking for a new body scrub… and it’s magical. It has the consistency of a mousse-y body butter but once you apply it on wet skin, it melts into this wonderfully gentle yet effective exfoliant. So lovely (from Whole Foods).

Hand Creams (3)

Got this as part of a holiday trio and I didn’t love the smell. I actually used these as body lotion when I travel (from Beautycounter).

Original Body Butter (2)
Nutty Life Body

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this local company (Nutty Life) for awhile now, and their body butter is fantastic. So rich and creamy — the only thing that works on my parched skin in the winter. I’ve gone through so many of these. I use Lavender at night and Original during the day (online — I received this for free as an ambassador).

Body Budder (2)
Oil Me North

Yes, that’s body budder with 2 d’s. I had this in my beauty cabinet forever — ever since I did a campaign with Oil Me North x Vitacost and they sent me literally all the body budders. Since I’ve been regularly moisturizing (I know, I know), I went through them pretty quick. I used a whole large container of the Original Super Budder and a small travel-sized Love Budder — really great for self-love moisturizer routines. I use these at night since they’re oil based (coconut and hemp) so they will make your clothes greasy but they smell super nice from the essential oils! (from Vitacost — I received this for free as an ambassador).

Travel Perfume Spray (2)
Atelier Cologne

I pretty much only buy travel-sized perfume. I love that these come in spray form instead of a rollerball, and they smell great. I mix them together! I got Clémentine California and Vanille Insensée (from Sephora).

Jojoba Oil
Aura Cacia

I used this as carrier oil for my essential oils! I combined with lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils for an oil I can use on my skin (I like to use for body only) and hair (from Vitacost).

OnGuard Mouthwash

I’ve never been one for most mouthwashes, but I recently added one as my post-brushing, post-flossing oral hygiene routine. This one tastes like cinnamon gum and is made with essential oils (from Amazon).


Argan Shampoo in Balancing Eucalyptus & Peppermint
The Seaweed Bath Co.

I first discovered this brand on Costco and have since gotten their detox charcoal bar, body lotion, body scrub, and shampoo and conditioner and I love all of them! You can also find them on Vitacost, Amazon, Whole Foods. I loved this shampoo because it smelled nice and felt cleansing without stripping (from Amazon).

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner
Shea Moisture

I’ve heard really great things about castor oil for hair growth, so I decided to give this a try. I found that I had to use a LOT of this conditioner (though my hair is very long). It was OK; wouldn’t repurchase (from Whole Foods).


Face Cleansing Wipes
Ursa Major

I love that they come in single packets — it make it super easy to take on the go. It doesn’t make my sensitive skin break out, but also does a good job of cleaning after a workout and taking off makeup. I repurchase regularly (from Amazon)!

Face Balm - Clearing
Maria Åkerberg

I use this in the winter for daytime — it’s hydrating without being too greasy. A little goes a long way (from Balans Organic Spa).

Cotton Rounds (2)

I bought a giant pack of these from Amazon and have used up 2 of them — I use them for toner in the morning and at night (from Amazon).

Clear Skin Cranberry Mud Mask Oily
MyChelle Dermaceuticals

I used to use the Indie Lee Clearing Mask from Follain, but I ran out and never repurchased… I was looking a cheaper alternative and decided to try this. It’s clay-based and feels pretty nice, though for the price point I didn’t get that many uses. Good travel size though (from Vitacost).

Face Oil Minis

Another holiday set trio from Beautycounter — honestly didn’t love these at all because they smelled kinda weird and I felt like they were on the verge of breaking me out. But they travel well since they’re so small (from Beautycounter).

Tan in a Bottle
Maria Åkerberg

I’m usually very skeptical about self-tanners (either I don’t think they’ll work and I’ll have wasted my $ or they’ll do something terrible to my skin), but I’m glad I found one from a brand I trust. You can use this on your body and face, and people did say I looked tanner after continued use (from Balans Organic Spa).

The Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Cleanser

I’ve heard rave reviews of this brand from many beauty bloggers, so I figured I’d give it a try. I asked for a sample from Sephora first because of the hefty price point. I liked it, but I preferred the Maria Akerberg Papaya Peeling Exfoliator which smelled and felt similar, so I didn’t end up purchasing (from Sephora).

Coconut Water Face Wipes

I was looking for an alternative for the Ursa Major wipes, but the Josie Maran ones they had at Sephora were out. They recommended the Coconut Water wipes — Sephora brand — and while they were OK, I didn’t love them. Will stick with Ursa Major (from Sephora).

Face Cream

(from the WELL Summit 2018 — received this for free as a sample in the conference goodie bag).

Blue Cocoon
May Lindstrom Skin

This is the one product I will pay $$$ for. It's made with Blue Tansy, which reduces redness and soothes skin. I use it after I get facials, do face masks/heavy exfoliation, and at night because it feels so luxurious and is so moisturizing (from Follain).


Boy Brow

A cult classic. This is the 2nd one I’ve used up — I really like it for keeping my brows in place yet looking natural (from Glossier).


Chakra Candles
Aloha Bay

Aloha Bay has a TON of candles for different chakras. I bought all of them and burned them… the most zen experience ever (from Vitacost).

Soy Lavender Candle
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day®

There’s still quite a bit of this candle left but the wick burned out :( I do love this brand, though — I have the lemon verbena one in my kitchen (from Amazon).

Siete Foods

Thank you Siete for the X-mas gift (idk where you can buy this, but received it for free as a gift from Siete Foods)!


Dayz CBD Gummies

These tasted really good — just like regular gummies but better — and are vegan. TBH I think I prefer just taking a dropper of CBD oil if I need it, though (received this for free to try).

Oil of Oregano Capsules
Gaia Herbs

I buy these whenever I feel like I’m getting sick. Really no other words needed (from Whole Foods/Amazon).

The Move

I first moved to Boston in Fall 2013 for school and graduated in 2017. I meant to move back right away, but got job offers in Boston so I stuck around…

I finally made the leap to remote working (something I’d always wanted to do) in December 2018 and have been working there ever since. And since then (honestly, a little before then too…) have been setting up my move back to the #WestCoastBestCoast.

I’m so ready to move (goodbye, winter), but I have so much to thank this city and its people for. It’s where I went to school, turned 21, became a real adult. It’s where I found this amazing group of fellow fitness instructors, wellness bloggers/Instagrammers, and friends. It’s where I went through some of the happiest and hardest times of my life.

I’ve worn so many hats in this city: student, swimmer, runner, fitness instructor, marketer, intern, writer, editorial director, blogger, Instagrammer, boxer, yogi, teacher, learner…

Boston will always be a part of my life, but I’m ready for the next chapter. In order to grow, we have to change. In order to achieve our goals and our dreams, we have to take action.

So expect me to a be a little MIA as I move and settle in, but always, with love —