best coffee shops to get work done in santa monica / venice

As someone who works remotely, I spend the majority of my time in coffeeshops. Even before I started working remotely, I preferred coffee shops to my home, the library, or anywhere else – there’s something about the ready availability of food, the bustling background noise of other people, the feeling of being around people yet with no one to bother you while you delve into work, the good coffee/tea… the list goes on and on.

I’ve made it my mission in every city I live in to find the best places to work; I’ve done the work of compiling it all in one place so if you ever need a handy guide, a comprehensive list to look at if you’re traveling here, or are just curious, plop a bookmark on this page :)

Santa Monica

The Hive

The Hive Santa Monica

Pros: Strong wifi, great food, large location, many outlets

Cons: Expensive

Parking: Street

Loyalty program? No

Capital One Cafe

Pros: Strong wifi, conference rooms you can call or work by yourself in, has food/snacks, lots of outlets and seating, 50% off drinks if you have a Capital One card

Cons: None

Parking: Street, parking structures (there’s one nearby you can park for 90 minutes for free)

Loyalty program? No

Lo/Cal Coffee

Pros: Strong wifi, great coffee (Stumptown), Art of Tea tea, gluten free/vegan baked goods, decent number of outlets + seating, unsweetened almond milk and matchas (!)

Cons: Small space (but there always seems to be seating!)

Parking: Street, in the park across the street

Loyalty program? No

Funnel Mill

Pros: They really care about the quality and art of making tea and coffee, lots of seating and outlets, no talking on phones inside (can also be a con if you have calls / meetings), strong wifi

Cons: Only can use credit cards for purchased over $10; otherwise it’s cash or debit

Parking: Street

Loyalty program? No

10 Speed Coffee

10 Speed Coffee

Pros: A lot of seating and outlets, large and comfortable space, amazing ambiance, free refills on drip coffee for here

Cons: Not a lot of gluten free food (just a raspberry tea cake)

Parking: Street parking, garage

Loyalty program? No



Pros: 3 words: mint mojito coffee

Cons: Gets crowded quite easily

Parking: Street parking, garage (first 90 min free for most of them around here)

Loyalty program? No

Groundworks Coffee


Pros: Wifi, lots of outdoor seating (WFM 365 location), open until 10PM (WFM 365 location)

Cons: Personally, I think the coffee is a little overpriced for the taste (drip coffee), but the nitro is good; not a lot of indoor seating (WFM 365 location)

Parking: WFM parking lot (for the one connected to WFM 365)

Loyalty program? No



Pros: Great coffee, strong wifi, homemade almond milk

Cons: A little hard to find (you have to go into this hidden lot and it’s all the way at the end), not that many outlets, $$ even for LA

Parking: Street

Loyalty program? No


Barry’s Bootcamp Flex Lounge

Barry's Bootcamp

Pros: Strong wifi, smoothies, you can work right after you take class, parking!!

Cons: Kind of awkward because even though they market it as a place to hang out and work, it’s usually just Barry’s employees that work / hang out there

Parking: Huge parking lot in the back

Loyalty program? No



Pros: Lots of seating (there’s a huge outdoor space in the back), good mission

Cons: Not a lot of outlets or food options

Parking: Street

Loyalty program? No