3-ingrdient paleo meatballs

Happy Friday guys! (or should I say, FriYAY...)

It's good to be back in Boston (though I can't say I'm loving the cold, I'm 100% glad it's not Snowpocalypse like last year), but I can't help but miss my giant juicer back home. AKA missing homemade carrot-ginger juice.

The thing about juicing, though, is that you're left with a ton of pulp. To avoid waste, we've made "carrot cake" oatmeal, carrot breakfast cookies, and carrot cake with the leftover pulp.

This time, my mom was resourceful enough to make carrot meatballs.

They're so unbelievably simple and so unbelievably good that I was eating them as a snack. By themselves. No zucchini noodles needed.

3-Ingredient Paleo Meatballs

paleo meatballs

serves as many as you wish, really | time: 25 minutes | dinner, snacks | paleo, gluten free


  • Carrot pulp, leftover from juicing
  • 100% grass-fed ground beef
  • Flaxseed meal
  • Spices, to taste (we used Himalayan sea salt, black pepper, and cayenne powder)


  1. Combine the ingredients, using enough flaxseed meal to make sure everything sticks together. Play around with the ratios!
  2. Bake at 375°F until fully cooked, about 20 minutes. They should be moist on the inside and have a nice, golden edge on the outside.
  3. Enjoy!