how I get pantry staples and "superfoods" for cheap

Disclaimer: I am a Vitacost influencer, which means that I am compensated with product, but that in no way influences my review. #vitacostvip

If you look at my Whole Foods bills sometimes, you'd probably gasp. Fruits and veggies do cost a bit, as do meat, but the bulk of what's gasp-worthy are the "superfoods."

You know what I'm talking about — the things you see on all the health food Instagrams where you're like, "Qhat is maca powder or wheatgrass even???" And then with a quick Google search or stroll down your local Whole Foods aisle, you laugh at the fact that anyone would pay $30 for green powder.

As someone who loves to experiment with new superfoods and also has a never-ending love for some "superfoods" that I've actually grown up with (read: goji berries), there's a little secret that my roommate actually introduced me to. Don't worry, I'll share said secret with you. Honestly, it's my belief that it's the best-kept secret in healthy living...

Vitacost vs. Thrive Market

Vitacost Haul

If you've heard of Thrive Market, Vitacost is very similar, but is actually a better bang for your buck in may ways:

  1. You don't need to pay a subscription.
  2. They have coupon codes and sales all the time.
  3. They have their own generic brand for products that are far cheaper than name brands.

They also have fantastic customer service/return policies, meaning if you absolutely hate a product or are dissatisfied for some reason, you can return, refund, or exchange it — no questions asked.

fast shipping

Also, if you're in love with Amazon's fast shipping, Vitacost is literally the Amazon of healthy living. They have household products and beauty products in addition to food, and everything gets shipped to you in 1-2 business days. Like, hello, no more waiting a week for that nut butter you've been craving (AKA me all the time).

save on pantry staples

vitacost haul 1

I also use Vitacost to buy pantry staples in bulk. Things like lemon juice, dairy free milk, spices (you guys know how much cinnamon and cayenne pepper I use seriously) come in handy so you don't have to keep buying small bottles at your local grocery store.

price compare

If you're into saving $$$ like me (who isn't???), then you probably price compare. I used to go to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and make a list of all the products I would regularly buy (or take pictures, trying not to look too sketchy), along with their prices. This is a lot of work and I do not recommend it. Online, however, you can price compare different brands, sizes, and products with ease.

explore new products

vitacost haul 2

If you live in an area where health food stores are limited, then you know the struggle of wanting to try that product everyone's raving about but having no way to access it. with Vitacost, you can discover a ton of new brands that you might not find in stores.

P.S. If you're looking for a fun way to procrastinate, just browse and make a list of all the products you want to buy. It's what I call "online window shopping." If you're curious what's on my list, leave a comment below or email me!

My favorite products/brands that I discovered through Vitacost: SunFood Organic cacao nibs, Vital Proteins collagen peptides (the first time I tried collagen), NuttZo organic 7 nut and seed butter, Braggs nutritional yeast (the first time I tried nutritional yeast and it's now a staple), Crazy Richard's organic peanut butter, and Santa Cruz Organics peanut butter powder.

Note: I no longer eat peanut butter on the reg (avoiding legumes was part of the Whole 30 that I tried and now I continue following it 80/20), but Crazy Richards and Santa Cruz Organics are two of my favorites because they don't have added oil or sugar and they're organic.

usually cheaper than in-store products

One product that I constantly find is the cheapest on Vitacost (when on sale) is the NuttZo nut butter. Here is how much it is at Whole Foods (screenshot via Instacart, but it's the same price in store), a price I honestly would never pay:

nuttzo vitacost

Even if you were to buy it off of Amazon, it's still more expensive than Vitacost:

Caveat: Sometimes grocery stores will have awesome sales. In that case, buy it right there and then.

So go forth and save! Let me know what your pantry staples and favorite superfoods are, or if there's something you've been meaning to try for awhile. If you're a grocery shopping junkie like me, you'll enjoy this immensely.