products I've used up (empties post) + updated skincare routine


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seaweed co shampoo + conditioner
origins mask + the seaweed co cream
backside the seaweed co + origins mask
Marie Ackerberg gentle face mask + lemon fresher
Acure cleanser + First Aid Beauty Cleanser
fresh facewash + living proof dry shampoo


NEST rollerball, Palmer's cocoa butter, CPN organic facial hydrator

I don't know about you, but I get this weird satisfaction from using things up. Like, no joke. Whether it's cleaning out the fridge, squeezing the last bit of my face mask out, clearing things out, whatever — I frickin' love it.

My skincare routine also changes pretty often depending on the condition of my skin, the seasons, and what products I have on hand. I have a ton of beauty products that I tried to use up, a ton of samples, and some products that were sent to me for free or given to me as gifts. Most of these products I bought myself, however, because I love trying new beauty products.

I try to go for all natural products; I truly believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what goes inside it. Notes/reviews at the very bottom!

Updated Skincare Routine

Note: My skin type is combination/oily — overall pretty oily but there are dry patches as well. It used to be acne-prone; now I just tend to get blackheads.


Morning: See morning routines link


Note: My hair used to be super dry from my years in the pool, but now it hasn't touched chlorine in so long that it's fairly healthy. I have thick, long, dark hair that can get oily but I have a dry scalp.


Note: One thing that still hasn't changed from my years swimming is my dry skin. Whatever I put on my skin, my skin soaks up immediately.





Honestly, I've been trying to get more on the "clean makeup" train. Even though a lot of products at Sephora or at department stores are $$$, they can still (and often do) contain skin-irritating ingredients.

I don't wear foundation super often, but I do find that a light dusting of BareMinerals doesn't clog up my skin too much and looks natural. You can see the ingredients here — they're literally all minerals.

All of the products I've used up I would definitely repurchase; in fact, I have a couple of mini NARS lip crayons in my various bags (anyone else do this?).

Some big things to look for when checking ingredients: PEGS, parabens, some oils (depending on your skin type — especially mineral oil), and artificial fragrances and colors.


The Orlando Pita Argan Oil worked fine, but I much prefer Josie Maran Argan Oil or just using straight up coconut oil.

Shampoo and conditioner-wise, I would repurchase (and have repurchased) both the Seaweed Bath Co. and Living Proof brands.


I've noticed that the more care I give to my skin, the better it gets. Two big factors are taking the time to do a face mask and to exfoliate — the more often I do that, the clearer my skin gets.

I love all the Maria Akerberg products that I get from my local spa; they don't irritate my skin and are all natural and organic. I also loved the Tata Harper Resurfacing Face Mask; I would use that in the mornings if I had time, whereas I could use the Maria Akerberg Gentle Face Mask  as a spot treatment at night.

Cleansing-wise, I was ambivalent about all the ones I've used up — they were fine, but I'm not repurchasing. Proof that your skin can change — I used to only use the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser because it helped my skin so much when I first entered college, but wasn't doing the trick anymore.


I would (and will) repurchase everything I used up under this section, with the exception of the Palmer's. I loved that the The Seaweed Bath Co. Detox Cellulite Soap was exfoliating; the cream that it came with was hydrating without being too heavy. Whether or not it reduced/prevented cellulite I can honestly not say.

I'm a rollerball junkie, and the NEST ones were both some of my all-time favorites. They're pricey, but a little goes a long way. I used one for the spring/summer and one for the winter.

Note: WHEW. Long post. I'd love to hear YOUR favorite products, if you've tried any of these, and any recommendations you have!