3-ingredient chocolate coconut mousse

You know that feeling when you want something with chocolate in it, but either 1) don't have chocolate on hand or 2) only want something pretty light and not too sweet? This easy "mousse" solves both those problems.

It's super simple — basically you just whip unsweetened coconut yogurt and cacao powder together to form a fluffy consistency, and go to town. Enjoy!

3-ingredient chocolate coconut mousse

chocolate coconut mousse

serves: 1 | vegan, gluten free, dairy free, Paleo | time: 3 minutes



  1. With a fork, whisk all ingredients together. Add honey, maple syrup, or agave if you want some sweetness.
  2. Enjoy on its own, as a spread for toast, or a dipping sauce for apples/other fruit. (I used it as a topping for my Mikey's grain free English muffins that I found at Sprouts — ate these on repeat when I had food poisoning!).