if you want to feel like a kid again, you have to go here

London has too much good food to cover in one blog post, apparently. For a look at London's food markets, check out my previous post here.

Since we're all kids at heart, I'll start with the Cereal Killer Cafe. It has over 120 types of cereal and includes different milks, toppings, and even cereal cocktails if you're too overwhelmed to make your own.


Located right next to Camden Market, it's nice if you want somewhere to relax after walking around and eating. Especially since they have beds.

Yup. Beds. So you can sit and eat your bowl of cereal on a bed and thoroughly enjoy life.

From various global cereals to Disney-themed ones (there's a Frozen one!), I was 100% too overwhelmed to make my own cereal bowl. So I turned to the cereal cocktail menu, which was just as extensive.

My friend decided on hers, turned to me, and said, "Do you just want to split?"

Thank God, yes. She got a bowloccino, which has Nesquick cereal, Coco Pops, Flake, espresso milk, and cafe curl (we subbed it for Twix mix).

It was a bowl full of chocolate. Like, literally.

Bowlaccino — Cereal Killer Cafe

We sat down on a bed to eat (because why not?). With the first bite, I could feel the sugar rushing through my veins.

We ate, were glad we split a small bowl, chugged water, and nearly passed out on the bed from our sugar comas. Oops.