about me

Hi friends! I'm Nancy; if you've found me via Instagram, you'll know me as @nourishbynancy.


I have a passion for real food and a passion for making an impact. Those two passions have led me to share my lifestyle on my quest to help people find their own form of optimal health.

Currently: Email marketing manager for Perfect Ketoboxing instructor, yoga instructor, mental health advocate, kale eater, psychology nerd, & wannabe poet.

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Q: Can I reuse your photos for my articles or social media?

A: All photos are mine unless otherwise credited. please email for permission to reuse any photos.

Q: Can I contact you with questions?

A: Of course! Email me at nancylinchen@gmail.com.

Q: What if I want to collaborate with you?

A: Visit my "work with me" page or my "be a contributor" page!